Showcase Alex
Showcase Alex
Music Education | Creative Design & Production | Performing Arts | Graphic Design
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Alex is the Founder and creator of the multi-enterprise Showcase Performance Company.  With a vision to create happiness and inspiration to young people through music and the arts, Showcase are excelling every year with huge increases in young people taking part in musical activities in the South. 

Under Alex's leadership, the company has grown rapidly to become a leading facilitator of professional and reliable tuition for schools.   Having spent £0 on schools marketing, Showcase have grown from one client in 2013 to over 23 clients in 2018 through the word of mouth of school head teachers who believe that we are able to transform music in schools.  Showcase thrives on its ability to provide music access that is accessible, inclusive, diverse and FUN and is one, if not the only provider of FREE access to youth music ensembles on the South Coast. 

Alex is a professional conductor, creative director, orchestrator, teacher and entrepreneur who dedicates his working life to building and developing the Showcase enterprise. 

Alex sets himself huge, often branded 'unachievable' challenges and aims to conquer them in the best way possible.  Not afraid to say he has been involved in failed ventures, he grasps every opportunity and learns from all experiences to better the practise of all his endeavours.